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 Children Of Hope

Since August of this year, our child day care centers have begun a non-profit foundation to help underprivleged children and parents.  We call it Children Of Hope and our mission is to provide baby clothing, bibs, blankets bottles, shoes, diapers, formula, maternity clothes and other essentials to children in our local area.  There is a box in the front lobby of the building for any/all donations.  We box these donations up and drop them off at pregnancy crisis centers, homes and shelters all in our local area.  Thank you for your help and support.   


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Rosey's of Canton - Infant to preschool educational facility
Tom and Rose Alberty at Rosey's Daycare Facility
Play Area at Rosey's Romper Room
Rosey's Romper Room
Canton, Michigan
Tom & Rose Alberty
Owners of Rosey's Romper Room
Rosey's Romper Room
Outdoor Play

Rosey's child day care centers provides exceptional daycare in the Canton, Michigan area. We also provide quality private preschool ,with a fantastic preschool curriculum, along with a wonderful kindergarten education. We make sure our preschool curriculum and other programs are top-notch so you feel comfortable. Rosey's is family owned and operated, offering the highest quality care from our family to yours. If you're asking yourself what daycare centers in my area provide the best possible care and preschool curriculum, look no further. Learn more about us,our preschool curriculum, and our other extensive programs and amenities!









About Rosey's Daycare Facility:

Rosey's childcare is a daycare facility with private preschool and kindergarten programs in Canton Michigan. The child day care centers provides exceptional daycare and private preschool curriculum along with kindergarten. Our preschool curriculum and kindergarten programs are taught by knowledgeable, caring professionals who provide everything your child needs for growth and development. Our child day care centers are equipped with developmentally appropriate toys and staff members to help your child develop successfully through interaction, entertainment, and developmental activities in a secure, nurturing environment.