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Baby/Infant Room

The Baby Room is split into three separate rooms:
The Infant Room (6 weeks-5 months/developmentally ready)
The Baby Room #1 (5 months-10months/1 year)
The Baby Room #2 (10months/1yr- 1 ½ yrs)

This allows your child to be with babies of their age and enables them to develop successfully. Each room is equipped with developmentally appropriate toys and staff members to help them along their way. We feel that the first year in the Rosey Family is the most important one and we want you and your child’s experience to be memorable.
Baby Room

Young Toddler Room

The Young Toddler Room is a wonderful place for your child to receive a great deal of social interaction and will be their first learning experience. We focus on manners and being nice to our friends. Your child will also be exposed to the basics: color recognition, counting, and the ABC’s. Your child will learn a variety of songs and movements, along with animal noises and other activities that will be fun to try at home. We know that it is hard to picture your toddler doing all of these things, but they will in time.

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Older Toddler Room

We would like to take this opportunity to explain what your child’s day will include. Our group time will be about 20 minutes and consist of a good morning song, the alphabet, counting, days of the week, months of the year, safety songs, manner songs, colors, shapes, our 5 senses, and learning what letter their names start with.
When our group time has ended, we will work on our projects. Projects will consist of the alphabet story of the week and the theme of the story. They will color, glue, paint, and have many other activities for their fine motor skills.

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PreSchool Prep class

We will have group time everyday. During that time we will go over the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, flash cards, and the days of the week. We will also be helping the children learn their full names as well as their parents full names.
Everyday after group we will have project time. Our projects will be focused on the letter of the week. Along with the alphabet, we will also have a theme every week. The themes will vary and we will do projects that coincide with them. All of our projects will consist of painting, coloring, gluing, and other activities that promote small motor skills. We also concentrate on tracing. This will help prepare the children to write their names.

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3 year old Preschool

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a newsletter, activity calendar and our songs of the month. Please take a few moments to read these newsletters as they will inform you of what we will be doing for the month and serve as a reminder of important dates for activities that we have planned. We want you to be as informed as possible of the activities your child is participating in. Each week we will be teaching the children a new song. These songs will be incorporated with the letter or theme of the week. We strongly encourage you to sing these songs with your child at home. Children love to sing and this is a great way to learn a new song with your child at home.

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4 year old Preschool

We will work on the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, manners, and following simple directions. Some of the subjects we will touch on are Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, Language Arts, and Holidays. Science- Will include seasons, plants, weather, and our world around us. Social Studies- Will include families, people in the community and other cultures Music- Will include singing songs, playing instruments and dancing Art- Will include painting, coloring, cutting, pasting, and play-dough. Language Arts- Will include the alphabet in sign language and Spanish. Hearing and using language through stories, show and tell and using manners Click below to read our full description and download the program routine.


Rosey's transports to and from most of the Plymouth/Canton Elementary Schools. We are also able to care for your school-aged child when schools are closed for weather, vacation or anytime the schools are closed.


Since 2017 we have added a STEM program to our curriculum starting in our Preschool Prep group through kindergarten.  STEM stands for Science/Technology/Engineering/Math. This program is designed so that kids will learn to use creative thinking and problem solve. STEM stimulates the mind so they can explore, design, imagine and create. STEM is taught throughout the school district and we are giving our preschoolers an early start and familiarity with the program.

YOUNG 5's Curriculum / Pre-kindergarten

The Pre-Kindergarten / Young 5's will be working hard on many subjects to help prepare them for Kindergarten. They will have many new challenges and learn new skills as well as review some of the old ones. The children will work on fine motor skills, handling scissors, and cutting on lines, writing upper and lower case letters with proper handling of their pencil. There is much more included in this program so please continue reading below. Click below to read our full description and download the program routine.


During the 2021 Rosey’s Summer Camp the kids will be introduced to a lot of new friends, activities/games and crafts. We will be focusing mostly on play, healthy habits, being kind to one another and just having fun! There is a schedule that will be followed most days, but there could be an occasional activity or “special day” every now and then. Please always look at the board for updates on a day to day basis.

Every day the kids will take a break after lunch for some downtime. During this time, they will be able to read, write, draw, color do workbooks, etc. Also, the kids will be able to use electronics daily and we will limit the time. Since it is summer and we want the kids to be able to relax, but still be active. In the past, it has been 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon.

Everyone loves our Cooking with Tommy program that is done during the summer. All of the kids will have an opportunity to be involved if they are interested

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